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Founded in 2008, Dymon Asia Capital is a leading Asia focused alternative investment management firm based in Singapore. The firm manages strategies across public and private markets in Asia and globally.


The Dymon Asia Macro Fund was ranked in the top 50 by Bloomberg Magazine in 2016’s Top-Performing Funds with assets over US$1 billion.
The Dymon Asia Macro Fund ranked amongst the top ten hedge funds globally in 2011 and in 2014.


Dymon Asia Capital currently manages 10 funds with over 160 professional staff across the various investment strategies: Macro, Multi-Strategy, Equity Long Short and Private Equity.



Macro Strategies

Macro Strategies

Macro Strategies are the core of Dymon Asia’s business and represent the majority of the firm’s assets under management. The Dymon Asia Macro Fund (DAMF) is a discretionary global macro hedge fund trading highly liquid instruments including Asian and G10 currencies, interest rates and futures.

Multi-Strategy Investment Fund

Multi-Strategy Investment Fund

The Dymon Asia Multi-Strategy Investment Fund seeks to generate absolute consistent uncorrelated returns with 5% volatility by allocating capital to a diversified group of dedicated PM specialists across different asset classes which include FX, Fixed Income/Rates, Equities, Credit and Commodities. Notional capital will be allocated to the respective PMs each of whom has a designated area of expertise. The structure is designed to generate alpha from multiple sources by having no significant overweight allocation to any individual PM.



Dymon Asia is proud to be majority owned by partner employees.


Danny Yong is the Chief Investment Officer and a founding partner of Dymon Asia Capital, and has over 24 years of experience trading FX, fixed income, and index futures in Asia. Before Dymon, he was a founding partner and CIO of Abax Global Capital, a hedge fund based in Hong Kong. Previously a Managing Director at Citadel Investment Asia, he established and ran the Asia Macro trading business from 2005 to 2007. Prior to Citadel, he was Head of Trading for South East Asian FX and Derivatives at Goldman Sachs, where he spent almost six years in its Hong Kong and Tokyo offices. Danny started his trading career at JP Morgan in 1997 as a FX currency and interest rate derivatives trader.


David Chan is the Head of Fixed Income, Currencies, Commodities, and Credit at Dymon Asia Capital. He has over 28 years of experience trading FX, fixed income and index futures in Asia. Prior to Dymon, he was Head of Asia Pacific Foreign Exchange Trading and Head of Macro Trading for Asia Pacific ex Japan at Goldman Sachs. At the firm, he was also a member of the Asia Pacific Securities Division Operating Committee, and the Asia Pacific Risk Committee whilst simultaneously serving on the Board of Goldman Sachs International Bank. Before his tenure at Goldman Sachs, David was a Vice President and Head of Interest Rate Management Group at Chemical Bank/CHASE Manhattan Bank in Hong Kong from 1994 to 1998. He started his investment career at Citibank as a bond trader in 1992.


Jay Luo is President of Dymon Asia Capital. Prior to Dymon, he was a Managing Director, Head of Asia Pacific for S.A.C. Capital Advisors (Hong Kong) Limited. He managed S.A.C Group’s activities in the Asia Pacific Region, which consisted of various portfolio management teams in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, and Tokyo. Before his relocation to Hong Kong in 2007 to build S.A.C Group’s presence in Asia, he was a senior member of S.A.C’s risk management team in Stamford, Connecticut.


Keith Tan is Chairman of the Dymon Asia Private Equity Investment Committee and a founding partner of Dymon Asia Capital. Prior to Dymon, he was a Director at Abax Global Capital, a hedge fund based in Hong Kong, where he originated, structured and executed investment transactions across Asia for Abax’s special situations funds. During his career, Keith was also member of the Executive Committee of Standard Chartered Bank (China) and Branch Manager of Standard Chartered Bank’s Shanghai Branch.


Ken Tonkinson is the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Investor Relations for the Public Markets business at Dymon Asia Capital. He has more than 20 years of industry experience. Before joining Dymon in 2015, he was Regional CFO at Fortress Investment Group in Singapore. Prior to Fortress he was Director of Administration and Compliance Officer at Pyramis Global Advisor as well as Director of Operations and Compliance Officer at Concordia Advisor. He started his career as Account Manager at Hemisphere Management Ltd, Bermuda.


Kwang Hui Lim is Senior Portfolio Manager and managing partner of Dymon Asia Capital. He has over 33 years of experience trading FX, fixed income, and index futures in Asia. Prior to Dymon, he was a Director (Global Finance and Foreign Exchange) at Deutsche Bank, Singapore. During his tenure at the firm, Kwang Hui was also Head of Deutsche Bank’s foreign exchange spot trading business in Singapore and Tokyo and was also responsible for managing currency risks flowing through Deutsche Bank’s proprietary e-trading platform in the Asia Pacific Region. He started his career with JP Morgan, Singapore in 1987 and became Head of Currency Trading in Asia of JP Morgan’s Foreign Exchange Group.


Mark Wong is Chief Operating Officer and Chief Risk Officer of Dymon Asia. Prior to Dymon, he was the Co-Head of Linear Foreign Exchange and Rates trading in Asia at Deutsche Bank in Singapore. Mark managed a team of traders across Asia, and was responsible for the market making franchise covering both onshore and offshore foreign exchange and rates markets. He was an Executive Committee member of Deutsche Bank’s Global Finance and Foreign Exchange division. Mark enjoyed a 17-year tenure at Deutsche Bank, starting as fixed income trader in London, before moving to Singapore to continue his trading career in the Asian local currency markets.


Shawn Yuan is a Senior Portfolio Manager and managing partner at Dymon Asia Capital.

He is also the Chief Investment Officer of Dymon Asia China Absolute Return Bond Fund. Prior to joining Dymon in 2013, Shawn was Head of China Rates and Credit Trading at Standard Chartered Bank in Shanghai. In that role, he primarily traded China’s cash bonds, FX, interest rates derivatives and FX derivatives. Shawn started his career when China liberalized its interest rate and FX markets in the mid 2000s.



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Source: Financial Times ©. Permission required for reproduction.

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Source: Australian Financial Review ©. Permission required for reproduction.



Dymon Asia Capital recognizes the importance of contributing to the community it operates in. We support the causes of Education, Elderly and Youth. We partner with voluntary welfare organizations to provide both financial support and volunteer assistance, in the hope of helping the respective organizations deliver more effectively the social impact they set out to achieve.




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